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2014-07 Hyper Japan 02

Hyper Japan Demo

The British Shorinji Kempo Federation recently put on a demonstration at the Hyper Japan exhibition in Earl’s Court.

Here are a few photos of the event. Firstly, Kempo Fitness’ very own Robert Villiers performed an opening demonstration with Daniel Kalhor.

2014-07 Hyper Japan 02

Meditation is an important aspect of Shorinji Kempo, come along to Kempo Fitness to give it a try!

2014-07 Hyper Japan 10

Sometimes protective gear is worn while sparring, to see if techniques can be performed correctly under pressure.

2014-07 Hyper Japan 15

There is even a healing aspect of Shorinji Kempo, known as Seiho.

2014-07 Hyper Japan 20

For more information, come along to Kempo Fitness and give it a go.

Kempo Fitness (Central YMCA):
7pm-8pm (Fitness)
8pm-9pm (Technical Training)
112 Great Russell St, London WC1B 3NQ
Nearest Tube : Tottenham Court Road
Map :
Prices : Free for Central YMCA members. £8 for the first hour, £12 total for the whole session. 50% discount for BSKF members.

Also you can try 5 classes at any London Dojo (including Central YMCA Kempo Fitness) for just £10! Print out the following card, and check out the BSKF website for further class information, also visit and like the BSKF facebook page and follow the BSKF twitter account in order to stay up to date!