Riki Ai Funi

Take a closer look at the scroll that we hang at the front of our class. The characters, 力愛不二, are Japanese Kanji, and are pronounced Riki Ai Funi. This can be translated as “Strength and Love are not Two”. This is one of the six distinguishing characteristics of Shorinji Kempo. The basic idea is that if you are strong, but do not act with compassion, you may be violent or a bully. If you have a good sense of compassion, but are physically or mentally weak, you might not be able to act to prevent violence or wrongdoing. By cultivating a physically strong body, along with a sense of justice and compassion, Shorinji Kempo aims to ensure its kenshi (students of Shorinji Kempo) are capable and willing to make a positive difference in the world.

To remind ourselves of this important concept, we placed these words on our kakejiku (hanging scroll). If you visit other Shorinji Kempo dojos (training halls) you might see other equally important phrases.


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